we know its effect on senses very well and we produce the best for your brand ...


As Radiorder team, we have been conducting academic studies and collecting data on "The effect of music on people" at home and abroad since 2009. We combine these literature studies on music and marketing with creative production and share them as corporate radio works for brands.

Within the scope of the Law No. 5846, we share the music banks, which we produce and belong to, with brands that create value with a high-tech infrastructure.


Radiorder is more than just making music; is a digital sensory marketing platform that presents brand image, brand archetypes, audience and emotions that the brand wants to convey, by creating parametric music * specific to the brand and the industry with music producers and DJs in many parts of the world.


Radiorder continues to serve, grow and develop in its offices in many locations with more than 50 music producers in 16 different countries.

Commitment is the foundation of music. Joy and satisfaction are the officers of music. Accuracy is the ore of the ceremony. Seriousness, respect and kindness are systems of ceremony.